Where is my BuddyPress Links admin panel?

Update: The plugin author of “BuddyPress Links” has now released a new version (0.7.2) that addresses this problem. For users with earlier version the above version should be installed. The remaining of the article was wrote for the previous version (0.7.1).
You might have installed the buddypress-links plugin to your buddypress site, and discover there is no sign of the admin panel for the plugin. Thats right, for a new fresh install of WordPress 3.5 Multisite, BuddyPress, and BuddyPress links plugin, there is no admin panel for BudyPress links. Read this article to see how to solve this.

This is because in WordPress 3.5, the old “bloggroll” – or “links” functionality is taken out. The capability “manage_links” is no longer present. The BuddyPress Links is dependent of this capability to show it’s admin menu.

To resolve the issue, install the “Links manager” plugin, that reinstates the old bloggroll functionality of WordPress. You only need to activate it on the main site.

When you do: You get two new items on the admin menu:

  • links
  • BP-links

Here you go….

Why do some have this problem, and others not ? 

If you upgrade from a previous version of WordPress, and have some links in your database – then WordPress installs the links manager too. For a fresh install in a empty database, it is not. Those who has not, will never see the BP-links admin panel either.

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